Wizard Wheelchairs Ltd Made with pride in Staffordshire  UK

On the Bench

This chair has almost everything and we are working on the rest!

It will start out as a standard power wheelchair for everyday use. Good for going to the shops or the pub. But that is boring, when you get to the pub ……..

You can stand up and order your drinks like everyone else. When shopping you can stand up and reach the high shelves without help. But what if you fancied a little massage …….

You just lie back and enjoy it, along with any treatment you may need. After all that……..

You can tilt in space and take in the fresh air .

If you think this chair has everything , we will add a proper 4 wheel drive that is fitted after the castors are removed while you are still sitting in the chair and the 4x4 axle fitted in their place.

Now you can go anywhere you want , Beach, Mud, Woods with tree roots, Gravel and even 30 cm of Snow .

While you are out and the need for the toilet arises, the 4x4 axle can be quickly replaced by a single castor carried on the rear. This also allows you into visitor centres and cafes.

That covers just about everything on dry land  and we are still working on the speed boat attachment!